Thursday, April 2, 2009

Make A Video!

A great way to get referrals is making a Video. This is a great way to quickly show what the site you are using is all about in just a few minutes. Make sure you make it entertaining and if you have a microphone, USE IT! It's not a great idea to make a video showing you typing in Notepad. That is very dull, and most people don't want to watch you Backspace your typos away every 2 seconds.

The most obvious website to post your video is YouTube. Although this site gets many views and has the highest chance people will be searching for the type of video you have on YouTube, there will most likely be others doing the same thing that you are doing. This makes it almost impossible to get the thousands of views that you first hoped for. But don't let this drag you down. You should still post your video here because you will get some views out of it. You may even get lucky and get a whole bunch.

These are some other great sites that I've found for uploading your videos:

Google Video
Yahoo Video

There are also many others. You can find a list of them at either link:

1st List Of Video Sharing Sites
2nd List Of Video Sharing Sites

A great thing about these sites, is that you can also embed the code into your website or blog for others to see.

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