Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Traffic Exchanging

Traffic Exchanging is a great way to get referrals. There are many offers known as Traffic Exchange websites, that allow its users to do this. Many of them have you look at another persons website, for 20 seconds or so, and you are credited. You can then use this credit to post your own website, blog, or other source for others to see. This is easy and free. Here are a couple websites that I use myself.

Easy Hits 4 U Has a 1:1 Surf ratio. So you surf 1 website for 20 seconds, and can then use that credit for 1 person to surf your website. It's really easy actually. There is also an option to convert 1 credit into 25 Banner Impressions. You can post a banner attached with a referral link, and it will randomly pop up 25 different times. So you have a potential of 25 users seeing and clicking on it, for just 20 seconds of surfing. I use Banner Impressions and just normal Credits.

This one is By Far the best:
Traffic Exchange with 100,000+ members

Although I don't like Traffic-Splash as much as the first, this is still another great way to get easy referrals.

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