Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mask Your Referral Link

It is a great idea to mask your referral link. This shortens your link making it easier to share, and most people won't even realize it's a referral link. Although sometimes if you don't tell people it is a referral link, they get upset and accuse you of being sneaky (personal experience).

I use two different sites to mask my referral links.
The first is http://tiny.cc

Once you get to the site, copy and paste your referral link into the box. If you like, you can type in your name, or another name that has to do with the company you're trying to get referrals for.

Ex: http://www.neobux.com/?r=Smudly [ Smudly ]

Once you click Tiny it, it will become:

This is an actual link that I use, so click on it if you want to see how this redirects to your referral link.

The next website I use is called http://dot.tk

I've used this to for the link to this blog actually.
I typed in the actual name: http://howtogetmorereferrals.blogspot.com
and made it into: http://howtogetreferrals.tk/

This also works for referral links.

It's basically the same as the previous. Type in your referral link or website and click next. Then just type the new name for your link. Simple as that.

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