Sunday, April 5, 2009

Twitter can be great if used correctly!

At first glance, twitter may not seem like a great source to get referrals. It's time consuming to follow people in hopes that they follow you in return. However after coming across a website called Flash Tweet, it immediately seemed like a great way to get more referrals.

You must have an account already at Twitter to do this. Once you do go to Flash Tweet and login using your twitter account info.

Once you have signed in, you need to click on Mass Follow. In the box that says Follow Friends From, you should type in somebody that has a lot of followers. Ex: Twitter, shoemoney, Ryan Seacrest, CNN News. Or you can go to Twitterholic to see the top 100 ranked users on Twitter.

Now you just click a page, click Check All and Follow. You can do this 100 at a time. The max you can follow is 2000. Once you get 2,000 Followers however, the limit is removed and you can follow an unlimited amount.

Once you've followed a good amount, you can go back to Twitter, and tweet (where it says "What are you doing?"). You could type in "Check out my blog to learn how to get referrals:", or just type in anything else that you would like. I prefer typing in my referral link plus the link to my blog explaining what the site is that was placed in the message.

This is a great method. Stick with it.

There is a chance that your account can get suspended. But no worries, just create another and you're ready to go again.